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Grow Online Business With Search Engine Marketing Agency In India

Being the leading digital marketing company in India, Linkplux has helped brands target and connect with potential buyers through paid search since its inception.

Our innovative approaches alter underperforming SEM campaigns and create new ones. Our SEM professionals' creative and inventive techniques offer the maximum ROI for brand development.

We are the Result Driven Digital Marketing Agency India specialize in different ad campaigns:

  • Search Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Display Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • App Ads
  • We Deliver End-To-End SEM Services That Give You The Winning Edge:

    Our digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Keyword Research:

    The right keyword increases website traffic. Our skilled team will help you. We'll find a good keyword for you.

    Market Analysis:

    Market Analysis is a crucial aspect of Keyword Research. It can tell you the best keyword your rivals aren't using and the ones they are. We'll study the optimal keyword for you based on your company demand.

    Ad Campaigning Design:

    An advertising campaign is a plan carried out across numerous channels to promote brand recognition, sales, and market communication.

    PPC Services:

    Among the many PPC service providers, one of the best is Linkplux, based in Chennai. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a concept for internet marketing in which payment is made only when a visitor clicks on an ad.

    Bing and Google Ads Management:

    Bing and Google Ads management will help you dominate the competition. We use a multi-channel strategy to increase brand awareness and online conversions. Our search advertising agency evaluates your consumers' online activity, increases device targeting, and modifies bid strategies depending on campaign results to increase ad position and CTRs.

    What You Will Get

    How Linkplux Do It


    Define your Ad Campaign Objectives

    Google adwords provides us campaign possibilities, and each company may create goals that fit with its own. We arrange your campaign, ad group, and budget depending on goals. Our SEO agency aligns corporate objectives with search advertising aims.


    Find Keywords Relevant to your Business Goal

    We identify business and campaign-related keywords. We explore concepts and choose keywords that ensure conversions. We know how to use keywords in SEO advertising.


    Create Ads

    Our innovation suits your marketing. We evaluate several concepts to assist you attract more clients and enhance Google’s quality score. Ad text attracts only quality visitors and reduces wasteful clicks. Ad writing merges SEO with creativity. Our SEO firm is both technically and creatively savvy.


    Releasing your Campaign

    As a SEM agency, we establish your maximum CPC. We set up conversion tracking to determine CPC and CAC. Pay-per-click services are only as good as their campaigns, and we’ve shown we can deliver.


    Optimize your Campaign

    Our Google AdWords advisors will monitor and optimize your campaigns using A/B testing. The optimization process reduces CPA. As your PPC agency, we optimize ads and minimize CPC.


    Increase Your ROI

    With our extensive expertise, we promise to provide you with the most effective solutions for maximizing your return on investment.

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    Search Engine Marketing refers to a variety of approaches and strategies a business may employ to obtain a lot of website traffic from Google or Bing results pages. Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM) promote a website through paid search, display, and contextual ads.

    Search engine optimization is a kind of organic promotion. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy. SEM is paid advertising, so you won’t see results right away, but SEO might take a long time depending on the quality of your website’s content. To gain immediate results on a tight budget, businesses should prioritize SEM over SEO if they believe sales must be made immediately.

    Search, display, social media, remarketing, Google shopping, and mobile advertisements are PPC ads. They might appear in SERPs, follow you on social media, websites, or applications. We’ll help you deploy PPC and target the right audience.

    PPC success depends on the company’s goals. This might be more visitors, engagement, leads, purchases, or conversions. Some KPIs used to assess performance in a PPC campaign include Clicks, Cost-per-click, Click through rate, Quality score, the cost per acquisition, ad position, and Conversion rate.