Video Distribution: Top Channels & Strategies 

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Social media video marketing isn’t merely about crafting a few videos and sharing them across different platforms. To effectively leverage video marketing for your business, understanding how to tailor videos for various social media channels and selecting the optimal platforms to reach your target audience is crucial. This article delves into essential aspects of choosing distribution channels, providing insights into the top 14 platforms ideal for disseminating your videos.

12 Best Video Distribution Channels for Your Video Marketing

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Email Marketing

Video email marketing involves integrating videos into your marketing emails to enhance engagement. It’s a relatively straightforward process, and with some practical advice, setting up video email campaigns can be accomplished swiftly.


Instagram stands out as a visually captivating platform among social networks. It supports video posts of up to 60 seconds on feeds, with a growing trend of sharing video teasers that direct viewers to official websites for full-length content. Additionally, Instagram features options like disappearing stories and IGTV, facilitating the rapid posting of vertical videos.


With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube reigns as the world’s most popular website. YouTube marketing entails promoting brands, products, or services through various tactics, including organic promotional videos, influencer collaborations, and platform advertising.


Pinterest, boasting over 400 million monthly active users, has evolved beyond image sharing to become a pivotal platform for businesses to showcase products and services. As video marketing gains prominence, businesses are exploring innovative ways to engage audiences through video content on Pinterest.


Facebook’s extensive user base of 8 billion worldwide users necessitates crafting standout videos to capture attention amid a plethora of posts. Effective Facebook marketing involves deploying a mix of highly targeted paid advertisements and organic posts to reach a vast audience.


Video marketing on blogs entails creating and disseminating videos across diverse social platforms. Staying abreast of the latest information is essential for crafting effective video marketing strategies.

Video Hub on Your Website

A content hub serves as a centralised platform presenting comprehensive resources on specific topics, industries, or brands. Offering seamless access to various content types, including articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts, content hubs enhance user engagement and immersion.


Blogging on LinkedIn can significantly enhance blog exposure and drive traffic. With a user base exceeding 950 million, LinkedIn provides a vast audience without the need for additional expenses, making it an attractive platform for content dissemination.


Twitter’s real-time engagement and community-focused environment make it an ideal platform for bloggers. Leveraging hashtags and sharing blog post links fosters community connections and facilitates real-time conversations.


Renowned for its high-quality, ad-free content, Vimeo offers a professional platform for creators and viewers alike. Its clutter-free viewing experience appeals to creative professionals and businesses seeking a refined video-sharing environment.

Landing Pages

Incorporating videos on landing pages enhances viewer engagement with your business, making it a valuable addition to website content.

Platforms like AdSense and Adwords enable targeted audience engagement and campaign analysis. Additionally, paid content promotion on platforms such as Reddit Ads, Outbrain, and StumbleUpon offers further avenues for content dissemination and audience outreach.


You can use a variety of social media platforms to increase the number of people who see your blog. Choose the ones where your target audience spends the most time, rather than attempting them all. These sites ought to be beneficial for spreading the word about your blog and assisting you in developing a following. After reading this blog, you ought to be well-aware of the best ways to distribute your marketing video. Share it across more than one or two platforms. Rather, employ diverse channels to expand your audience. With InVideo for Business, you can produce videos for these channels. They provide video editing services as well as templates. By obtaining a demo, you can give it a try for nothing.


How should my video be shared?

Sharing your video is as simple as putting it on different online platforms such as social media, your website, emails, and platforms like YouTube. This strategy broadens the reach of your video content, allowing more people to view and engage with it.

Describe the components of video distribution.

Video distribution involves the strategic placement of your video content on various websites and platforms to ensure it reaches your intended audience. This process is vital for maximising the visibility and impact of your video among your target viewers.

Does anyone think of video as a marketing tool?

Certainly, video stands as a powerful tool in marketing your business. Its visual appeal captures the attention of your audience, providing an engaging platform to convey your brand story, showcase your products, and effectively communicate your marketing message.

How operates the channel of distribution?

The distribution channel process encompasses the thoughtful selection of platforms to share your video based on where your audience is most active. This involves planning and executing a strategy to distribute your content effectively and monitoring its performance to make improvements.

What are the components of video marketing?

Video marketing is a comprehensive approach that utilises various types of videos, such as advertisements, demonstrations, and instructional guides, to promote your business or products. This dynamic strategy aims to generate interest and engagement from your audience by leveraging the captivating nature of video content to tell your brand story and showcase your offerings.