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Wok Cuisine

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Success Story of Wok Cuisine

Now more than ever, WOK had to differentiate itself from the countless other Chinese restaurants out there. Reliable publication of high-quality content according to a predetermined schedule lent credence to the social proofing. We planned carefully for every touchpoint along the customer journey and how the company would be presented.

Our Main Focus Was:
  • We wanted to give the site a fresh, quirky look that was in keeping with who we are as a company.
  • For the purpose of making the Cooking’s presence known on social media through a style of communication that is eccentric and brash.
  • To be on the lookout for digital marketing strategies that can help spread awareness of the brand and attract new customers.
  • Making a content schedule that works well for the brand and has approachable and engaging copy to strengthen customer bonds.
  • Using broadcast messages to communicate with customers and subtly promote the brand’s offerings.

Strategies We Implemented

  • We updated the website so that it is simple to use, has friendly navigation, and has SEO-friendly content to improve its Google rankings and user interface.
  • Facebook advertisements for WOK’s restaurant services have been published. The advertisements were seen by 8000+ individuals and generated a sizable number of leads that were later converted.
  • For all who are waiting to enjoy the seafood and the scenic view. Dine under Moonlight Wok Cuisine will help you.
  • We utilized a variety of current trends, competitions, and interestingly written posts to promote the brand on Instagram. The brand was able to grow its fan base exponentially as a result.

Results We Obtained

2,000 +

Video Views

10,000 +

Social Media Followers

8,000 +


Best Restaurant in the City Award, 2019