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Spin Shark

About the Client

Because there are so many different brands out there, SPIN SHARK has to work harder than ever to be noticed. Maintaining a steady schedule and producing high-quality material proved the social evidence. Every touchpoint along the customer’s path had a deliberate and purposeful representation of the company.




Innovative Search Engine Marketing

Success Story of Spin Shark

Spin Shark needed to distinguish out among so many salons. Consistent and high-quality material confirmed social proofing. We were purposeful about representing the company throughout the customer’s experience.

Our Main Focus Was:
  • To redesign the website’s looks to reflect the brand’s personality.
  • Make Headphone’s social media presence known through unique, boisterous communication.
  • To find strategies to promote the brand online and increase foot traffic.
  • To establish a content calendar with nice, relatable pieces that connect with customers.
  • To remain in contact with customers and indirectly promote brand services via broadcast communications

Strategies We Implemented

  • To improve its Google rankings and user interface (UI), we redesigned the website to be more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram promoted SPIN SHARK’s excellent wedding makeup services. The advertising attracted the attention of over 8,000 individuals and generated several promising prospects.
  • We promoted the brand on Instagram with competitions and innovative posts. The brand’s following grew tremendously.

Results We Obtained

3,000 +

Video Views

20,000 +

Social Media Followers

10,000 +


Best Headphones in the City Award, 2017