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About the Client

Linkplux is an Indian e-commerce company based in Chennai, India operates in categories such as Electronics, Fashion, Healthcare, FCMG and Accessories. We promote realme in different social media marketing platforms to built brand recognition.




Innovative Search Engine Marketing

Success Story of Realme

Realme is credited with multiple industry firsts such as introduction of India’s first 64MP smartphone (realme XT), India’s first 5G smartphone (realme X50 Pro), India’s fastest charging smartphone when launched (realme X2 Pro), 150W fast charging technology (realme GT NEO 3T), India’s only 5G tablet in the segment (realme Pad X) among others. Mr Sheth informs, “As a tech disruptor and innovator, realme entered the 5G smartphone segment when other brands were still inhibited.

Our Main Focus Was:
  • We wanted to give the site a fresh, quirky look that was in keeping with who we are as a company.
  • For the purpose of making the mobile presence known on social media through a style of communication that is eccentric and brash.
  • To be on the lookout for digital marketing strategies that can help spread awareness of the brand and attract new customers.
  • Making a content schedule that works well for the brand and has approachable and engaging copy to strengthen customer bonds.
  • Using broadcast messages to communicate with customers and subtly promote the brand’s offerings.

Strategies We Implemented

  • We updated the website so that it is simple to use, has friendly navigation, and has SEO-friendly content to improve its Google rankings and user interface.
  • Facebook advertisements for mobile Services have been published. The advertisements were seen by 20000+ individuals and generated a sizable number of leads that were later converted.
  • Realme’s state-of-the-art, AI-enabled technology has revolutionized the digital business by providing nations and their people with dependable and relevant digital platforms and factors to thrive as empowered entities at the local and macro levels.
  • We utilized a variety of current trends, competitions, and interestingly written posts to promote the brand on Instagram. The brand was able to grow its fan base exponentially as a result.

Results We Obtained

5,000 +

Video Views

9,000 +

Social Media Followers

20,000 +


Best Mobile in the City Award, 2020