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Linkplux is an Indian e-commerce company Located in Chennai, India operates in categories such as Electronics, Fashion, Footwear and Accessories. linkplux is an award winning seo agency in India provides SEO Services, SEM Services, SMM Services for Ecommerce Sector.




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Success Story of Wink Salon

The term “urban lifestyle” refers to a variety of practices, both solitary and communal, that are common in urban areas and are often contrasted with more traditional rural ways of living. Many rural residents have this “better or worse” view.

Our Main Focus Was:
  • The goal was to give the website a facelift that would bring it in line with the brand’s personality by making it look more colorful and quirky.
  • Customers who have given us a social media shoutout while dressed in an on-trend Urban Lifestyle will be featured here.
  • To be on the lookout for digital marketing strategies that will help promote the brand and attract more customers.
  • The goal is to design a content schedule that complements the company’s goals and voice while also providing consumers with engaging and personable content.
  • Use of broadcasting to maintain contact with customers and promote the company’s offerings to them in a roundabout way.

Strategies We Implemented

  • In order to improve the website’s Google rankings and user interface (UI), we made some changes to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram promoted the excellent wedding cosmetic services provided by Urban Style. Over 30000+ individuals saw the commercials, and a significant proportion of those people became customers.
  • Celebrity endorsement is used by marketers to boost product visibility, name recognition, and credibility. Increased sales are one of the many benefits of using celebrities in advertising and endorsements.
  • On Instagram, we marketed the company by using numerous current trends, competitions, and artistically engaging posts. As a consequence, the brand’s organic fan base grew dramatically.

Results We Obtained

10,000 +

Video Views

15,000 +

Social Media Followers

30,000 +


Best Clothing in the City Award, 2020